As many people are already aware Harris Academy are building a new gym on the first playground area of the boot sale site. We’ve known for a few months that some point we will lose use of most of our first playground while building works continue. We were originally told this would happen in early July, and we’ve been clinging on to the last bit of space, but now we are down to one playground with the possibliity of a few extra sellers scattered where/if we can fit them.


We’ve had lots of people asking us exactly how many cars/sellers, or how much space we’re going to have each week. The simple answer is – we don’t know! This has not been fun – the school have been unable to tell us each week in advance how much space we’ll have. This has meant we’ve had to change our booking launch time to Thursdays, and even then we frequently still don’t know exactly what our maximum capacity is going to be so we cannot sell all of our pitches, just in case. We only know what our maximum capacity is going to be when we arrive onsite on Sunday morning – not much help for a boot sale that operates on pre-bookings! So, please bear with us and try to be understanding – we’re doing our best.


Clearly there’s nothing we can do about this except to try and make the best of it. We’ve been here before, had our space reduced and evolved the organisation of the boot to go with the flow. We’ll work something out, we have some ideas, but it’s difficult to make plans or changes to logistics when we’re still unsure exactly what will happen to our space.

Once things are clearer and we have any plans for change we’ll let our customers know via this page and flyers at the boot. We might even bring back the ever popular ‘drive & drop’ pitches that many hundreds of customers loved before our third playground was astroturfed!

As far as we’re aware the building project and reduced capacity is expected to continue into next year.

Please bear with us. You know we always work hard to make the boot a great place for both buyers & sellers to be. We will continue to do so, but keep in mind we might be a little more ‘bijou’ in the coming months. Think of us as Battersea Boot-ique for a while 😉

We’ll post updates here, as and when we have any more news.

Thank you for your continued support
Tracey & Martyn