Our Testimonial​

These are just a handful of the comments we’ve received over the years. All of our feedback is taken from genuine conversations with our customers either in person or via phone, text, email or our Facebook page. We haven’t asked for these comments, they have been made casually during conversation or sent to us via email. We have then asked for permission to publish. If you have any comments about your experience at BatterseaBoot please click here to email us


My friend and I were first timers at Sunday’s sale, and had a great time. Martin was super helpful with parking and telling us how to go on, and nice with it! We really enjoyed our day, sun shone, and we sold lots of our stuff, so all round a very successful day, and we’ll be back. Thanks for your help and for organizing such a well-run Boot!
Just wanted to let you know that not only we had a very successful day yesterday but that your boot sale is very well organised and everybody was so nice! A real pleasure to be back. Now just need to find a few more things to sell and we will be back. Meanwhile will pass the recommendation around!
Thank you very much for your help, I managed to book the pitch. I must say that the service received from you is excellent and very professional and I couldn’t resist to let you know. The carboot people are also very nice and polite everytime I arrive to the place… greeting me by name!
I had a good day today as a first timer at Battersea. Staff were v helpful and friendly. My pitch was perfect. Despite the bad weather and other sellers telling me it was a quiet day which was unusual, I sold quite a bit and buyers were not too bad. I would also like to add that the advice on the webpage (first time buyers guide) was spot on! I followed it and sold many items at the right price that suited me and the buyer. Lots of buyers came back for things. I was very kind with my prices, most buyers wanted a discount but some just paid the price I said. Thanks again for all your help and I wish I had come to Battersea car boot years ago!!!
I just had to write to tell you what a wonderful day I had yesterday. It wasn’t just hype at all. I went with my friend who was also a first timer and the experience was fantastic. Right from the gate we only had to mention we were first timers and were guided to our pitch, assisted with our close parking and directed to where to get anything we wanted.Staff were excellent. Atmosphere was friendly and we felt so at home. It was so orderly with no queues and we loved that we had time to set up. Well worth the £35. I have not stopped singing your praises and will be back. I know a couple of friends who will be too. Regards, Grace.
Firstly I want to thank you most warmly for persuading me to go ahead last time by using a mini-cab when my car let me down. The whole team of stewards could not have done more to help me. It made a tremendous difference to feel so fantastically well looked after. Also, on arrival it allayed my anxiety to find they had been briefed about me coming by mini cab. Anyhow, standard size thank you doesn’t really cut it to convey my appreciation. I’m excited to be coming back to this wonderful and unique enterprise that you run with such incredible organisational flair and efficiency. My thanks once again and very best wishes, Kate.
My friend did your boot sale yesterday and took £1,600! Had a great day, amazing takings, what a result! Just wanted to let you know.
Hi, just wanted to give feedback from my first time selling today – your organisation is fantastic and the best experience I’ve had in many years of selling and buying, and the best atmosphere too. A good mixture of buyers – I met some charming people. A very good experience and I’ll be back! It really was the nicest car boot I’ve been to!
Having been a seller at yesterday’s sale, I just wanted to thank the amazing guys who run it. From being incredibly helpful in finding me a pitch from which I could get away promptly (I was hosting a dinner party that evening) to helping me when I managed to drain my car battery flat, they made the whole experience a complete pleasure. And the car boot was incredibly busy and I made lots of sales. There is even a charity van on site to collect items you don’t want to take home. Excellent service all round. Thank you.
Battersea is my favourite carboot by far, I’m always recommending it. I love selling there, it’s got a real buzz, the atmosphere is fab and it’s always busy, no matter the weather. I’ll be back. Keep up the great work!
It was the first time I had booked Battersea and I was nervous as it was expensive and the rain was due on the Sunday but I was surprised at how busy I was and made pitch fee back by 11.30! Stayed till gone 4pm and sold out of almost everything. First time I had an empty car going home as I was able to donate the leftover things to the charity van. Great boot sale, well managed. Would recommend anyone to book a pitch.
Thank you for a great first experience. From start to finish the staff were really helpful. The other stall holders were all friendly and it made it a pleasurable experience. Tracey, you were fantastic. It must get really busy as most of the seasoned stall holders said it wasn’t as busy as usual but I found a very reasonable amount of footfall so I can only imagine how packed it must get.
Brilliant boot sale to trade at! I will be back next year!
From the moment Bob at the gate welcomed me with a cheery “Hello Hillary” I knew I had made the right decision to come to your Boot Sale. Not only was I given a well-placed pitch, but enough time to set out my goods prettily. The crowd was good-natured, humorous with plenty of characters, so I thoroughly enjoyed my day – AND – I took home £610! I’ll be back…..
Always very, very busy! Have to queue to get in most weeks as a buyer. It’s always packed out with sellers and the stalls all vary every week selling all sorts of treasures. It’s like a giant aladdins cave!! 🙂 I love Sundays!
I have travelled from Kent twice now to sell and both times glad I did. I sell much more here than I do if I sell at a boot fair in Kent, I am only selling clothes and bric a brac. There is a variety of stalls and I think a comfortable amount so people don’t get fed up with looking and also sellers stand more chance of selling than some huge boot fair with 1000’s of stalls. As well as selling I managed to pick up a bargain vintage dress and a lovely camera from 2 sellers near me.
Absolutely bloody love Battersea car boot! Always loads of goodies and friendly sellers. Best Sunday morning wander you’ll ever have!
My compliments on an excellent car boot sale. Your colleagues on the day were also very helpful. It was a real pleasure, I will be back both as a buyer and a seller. It was great!
Brilliant day at Battersea Bootsale today. First time and 80% sold.. £342 made! Very happy and totally recommended. Well organised. People from all walks of life here. The pitch price is just a small amount for the crowd and space you get 🙂
Excellent, value for money, great number of buyers and very well organised. Done this fair about 3 times now – always sold and also had a great day out. Highly recommend this place.
Well organised, safe, funny and lots of bargains to choose from! I have been there are a seller and a buyer, still don’t know which one I prefer.
Most weeks are busy, lively and good for sellers. From a seller’s perspective – I don’t understand the complaints about pitch prices. If you’re a reasonably experienced stallholder and can cope with setting up quickly, a later pitch for £20 is good value, when compared to most other boots. It’s very well organised and the staff are efficient, friendly and helpful. You also get a decent sized pitch, and you’re not crammed in like sardines. So – I’d rather pay a fiver or so more than the average fee, and NOT have to get up at 5am, to then queue for at least 2 hours without a guarantee of getting in. I’ve given up doing many other London boot sales for this reason.
Top place, I have been going for years and have been a seller and buyer, it’s a real community event, and it has to be one of the highlights of my week meeting up with everyone and talking about bargain hunting escapades, love it and it get’s 100% vote from me.
I cannot say how much I enjoy the market, it is so well organised and the staff are so pleasant and helpful. (first heard about Battersea Boot sale on the Jo Good BBC Radio London show)
Yesterday was our first ever car boot. Despite nearly melting in the heat and the rival attraction of Andy Murray playing in the Wimbledon final, we had a very successful day. The booking system works brilliantly – many thanks!
Thousands of people go! I pay £50 for a pitch and it is a bargain for the crowds! I have found real treasures there and enough clothes to outfit an army. I have decorated my whole flat, filled my library with books and DVDs and all for a tiny percentage of what I would have paid retail. The entry fee is completely fair for the number of vendors.
What can you say about Battersea car boot? Only that it is the best one in London. You have to experience this for yourself. You cannot afford to miss it.
Well, it was a first for me yesterday as a seller and I was quite impressed with the precision and order, everything ran so smoothly. Thank you, I will certainly be back.
Could not book a place this week but was desperate to do one so went to another local boot sale instead… Again it hit us what a difference there is to Battersea. Your system works so well, such a pleasure selling and buying there, can’t wait to be back!!
I had a brilliant day and made £400. Really worth the money for the pitch. Thank you.
I just want to say thank you very much for all your help. We raised nearly £400 for Macmillian Cancer Support today, so we are really happy. Also want to say that the guys at the door are very professional and it’s very well run. We hope to come again soon.
Just wanted to drop you a thanks for your help. It was so busy at your boot sale today I have never seen so many people. I think your boot sale is run so well…. I wish other people would adopt such good management of their events and boot sales. It works so well and helps so much to have an hour to set up and then get a hot cuppa before the buyers arrive. Will see you soon for sure when we find some more of our clutter to rid. Thanks again.
It’s amazing the amount of money you can make here and the team that run it are great, i’m going to be a regular now.
Great car boot – the best I have been to – a constant stream of buyers – a really good crowd – would highly recommend to sellers and buyers too.
Its busy, there is a great mixture of sellers, from proper antiques to odd socks and everything in between.
I had a great time last week, definitely the best car boot I have sold at.
Cup and Saucer UK
This year is hard for carbooting, it’s been hard wherever you go – no one wants to spend their money. But Battersea has the buyers, you can’t argue with that. And in my experience, if you’re going to make money anywhere these days, you’re going to make it at Battersea. The sheer numbers of people still coming through those gates mean you’ve got to make some money!
Just wanted to say how fantastic today was for us – so well organised and, as promised, a lot of people and a lot of sales!! We’re very happy! I’m impressed, we did brilliantly. Can’t wait to do it again. Many thanks.
Well, the rain was a drag yesterday BUT we still managed to make half the amount of money (compared to last time) in half the amount of time – so still not bad!! We’ll be back!
Ceci (second visit)
The car boot sale was excellent. It was the first time I’d been and I found it extremely well run, efficient and all staff involved were very friendly. Will definitely recommend – and come again in future!
At the end of the day what matters most at any boot sale is how many customers they have, and I have yet to find another boot sale in London with as many as you get at Battersea. I know you spend a fortune on publicity and that is obviously how you manage to get so many customers through the gate. This is the problem with other boots sales, the organisers are the only people making any money! At Battersea, it is clear that you actually care and want your sellers to do well and you obviously work hard to ensure they do. You’ve got the whole package! It’s all well and good being nice or having a nice site, but the bottom line is, people do a boot sale to make money and at Battersea I make money! Lots of it!
Just a quick note to pass on my thanks for the boot sale. We were very impressed with the efficient and professional organisation, and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Incidentally, we tried another boot sale a month or so ago, it was fairly quiet (hence all the stuff we still had left to sell!) and we had all that hassle with people trying to delve into the boot before we’d unpacked. Battersea, by huge contrast, was so civilised! It was a one off boot sale for me, but I had such a good time I wished I could do it more regularly! I know where to find you if I need to do another sale in the future.
Wow! Thank you so much for your help and understanding over our car problems. I had heard your customer service was excellent, you clearly work hard to live up to your reputation.
£50 for a pitch is nothing. I’ve done Battersea a number of times, last time I came I arrived at 11am and had sold out completely by 1pm. I made a grand” (£1000)
You’ve created a superb event there. Your organisation is second to none – roll in, nice people, nice site, what more could you want? You’re too popular though, always fully booked and I can’t get a space. I’ll have to get up earlier on Monday to get booked in!
You’ve created a superb event there. Your organisation is second to none – roll in, nice people, nice site, what more could you want? You’re too popular though, always fully booked and I can’t get a space. I’ll have to get up earlier on Monday to get booked in!
It has to be said that this is the BEST BOOT SALE IN THE WHOLE OF LONDON! Everyone goes there and nuff bargains can be picked up… Jen xx
Jennie Mathias (The Belle Stars)
It’s so well organised at Battersea, you just stroll in with your car, no one is screaming at you, it’s all very calm. The staff are always very pleasant and show you where to set up. We enjoyed it, it was fun to be honest
Mrs Eastman
Tracy and the team are fantastic. I have been a seller at Battersea for over 6 years and the support of Tracy and the team has always been fantastic. I recommend Battersea Boot to anyone looking to make some extra money in by far the best bootsale in London if not the country.
You guys are wonderful, you always do what you say you’re gonna do
Well done Battersea, you have created THE most amazing event. We never go anywhere else, it’s really not worth the hassle when you offer such a great service and such a great boot sale!”
I’ll be honest, I go to other boot sales now and again as I get fed up with the price of a pitch at Battersea. But, you know what? I ALWAYS come back to Battersea. You just can’t take the same kind of money anywhere else. Other boot sales don’t get the numbers of customers you get, it’s as simple as that. I still get the hump about the price but I’ve got to say, it is worth every penny! What’s the point in going somewhere else, queueing up for ages to pay £15 for a pitch and I take £60? I can come to Battersea for £20 a pitch and take £150-£200… and I don’t need to queue up. I’m just being daft really going anywhere else, as yes you can quote me on that!”
I heard your boot sale is the best premium boot sale and I have very good stuff to sell so would like to go for a premium pitch. A friend of mine sold at your boot sale last year and I remember her telling me she made such a lot of money. I’m sure she told me she made around £300 or even £400 which is so good just selling off unwanted clothes and things!”
I cannot believe you bothered to call me back when you were already fully booked! Now that is service. Most boot sales just ignore your calls, someone from your place called me back, answered all my questions, gave me everything I needed to know. And that was when you were already fully booked! Amazing standard of service I shall be using your boot sale in the very near future
Staff were wonderful today, especially the guys out front… you did good!
It’s my favourite boot sale. You just KNOW you will make money there. I came once in pouring rain, really heavy all day and I still made well over £100, you don’t get that at other boot sales. You really keep the customers coming which is what makes it so good
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions, and for the helpful auto reply too. I will take your advice about booking early, follow you on Facebook and keep my fingers crossed for next Sunday! Thank you for running such a great event – I never come but I find a new treasure – hence the need to get rid of some old ones! All the best, Lesley.