NEWS April 2021

Welcome back! As the vast majority of people are aware by now, the boot site is now smaller than it used to be. We lost the use of most of the first playground area at the end of Summer 2019.

For our re-opening in April 2021 we have a NEW buyers entry gate AND new arrival times for both sellers and buyers. We hope the boot will feel more as it did prior to 2019. Buyers entry times will be closer together, and buyers will enter onsite straight into the the sales area rather than through the awful building site!

We will NOT increase our prices for sellers or dealers. The only price increase will be for general buyers from 50p to £1. The vast majority of boot sales have charged £1 for many years. We haven’t increased our buyers entry fees for about 15 years (!!!) so we felt this was overdue and fair. In return, buyers will come onsite 30 minutes earlier at 1pm.

We feel it’s important that the atmosphere and aesthetics of the boot are buzzing again and with more compact arrival times for sellers and buyers and everything closer together in more pleasant surroundings than the building site we were using in late 2019/early 2020 we hope this will be the case.

Vehicles will still access the boot via the same gate, but buyers will enter via the school access doors (old customers will recognise this, as it was the way to the toilets) You’ll go along the ramp and into the gate directly to the second playground area. The new buyers entrance will be well signposted with red banners outside.



BatterseaBoot closes for regular planned and published holidays three times a year; Easter, August and Christmas.

We close for a total of four weeks over Christmas & into January, two weeks for Easter and four weeks in July/August. Other than that we are always open, rain or shine. We do not cancel at the last minute for bad weather.

We take our holidays at the same time every year and generally in line with school holidays.

Please save our number in your phone – it’s easier to make a quick call to check we’re open than have a wasted journey; 07941 383 588. We always update our voicemail when we are going to be closed and you can call it 24/7. Obviously during holidays we cannot reply to text messages so please call or check this website.

We also change the home and bookings pages of our website and pin a post on our Facebook page when we are closed. We have ‘date reminder’ flyers available from the gate every week, all year round. Our dates will always be published here, at the boot sale, on our social media, and in the local press as far in advance as possible.

Our pitch bookings launch at 7am every Thursday.


2021/22 dates coming soon…

We will still close for a summer holiday, and at Christmas as usual.



EASTER 2020 – 2 weeks

Closed 12th April

Closed 19th April





SUMMER 2020 – 4 weeks.

Closed 26th July

Closed 2nd August

Closed 9th August

Closed 16th August

OPEN AGAIN 23rd August




CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR 2020/2021 –

4 weeks, dates to be confirmed…




Full 2021 dates will be added here after Christmas 2020 but will be similar to every year; 2 weeks for Easter, 4 weeks in summer and 4 weeks over Christmas and new year.