Battersea Boot

This is not just a boot sale…

Every Sunday 1.30pm – 5pm. 

Well organised arrival system – No queues for sellers

Early Bird Buyers entry 12pm or 12.30pm

General Buyers entry from 1.30pm

The boot sale dealers try to keep a secret

Car Pitch Info

All of our pitches are based on arrival time – not the position or the space you will get. Car pitch prices start at £25 for 12pm arrival. There will be buyers onsite already when you arrive.

Our premium pitches allow entry to set up before any buyers are onsite. They are most popular with first timers, the slightly nervous or inexperienced seller and also traders. Premium pitches cost £30 for entry at 11.30am, or £35 for 11am entry. 

Trading starts at 12pm. Sellers are not permitted to trade or look around before 12pm. All pitches are to set up along the side of the car (not the boot) All cars, up to 7 seaters and estates, are charged at the same price. 

Pick up trucks, cars with 8 or more seats and/or cars that are van based people carriers (for example Vito, Caravelle, Proace, Traveller, Bongo etc) need to book a VAN pitch.

Van Pitch Info

Only a handful of van spaces are available each week. PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer accommodate long wheel base (LWB) or Luton type vehicles due to access restrictions. 

We can accept VW Camper/ Transporter type & up to short or medium (swb, mwb) Transit type vans, and pick up trucks only. 

Kangoo/Berlingo/car based mini vans you can book a car pitch.

£35 Standard van entry time of 12pm – there will be buyers onsite when you arrive.

£50 Premium van entry time 11am – giving you some time to set up before any buyers are onsite.

Please note; NO LUTONS OR LWB VANS – we cannot get you onsite

Walk-in Info

You don’t need a car to have a pitch – you can arrive on foot. Walk-in pitches do not need to be booked. 

A walk in pitch costs £10 for one person with one large bag/suitcase (walk in pitches are not for sharing) You will get a table sized pitch area. Tables/rails are not provided by us, you may bring your own if you wish. We get walk in sellers onsite at 1pm and on dry/sunny days we strongly advise arriving before 1pm. We don’t have a cut off time for admitting walk in sellers, but sadly sometimes we do have to turn away very late arrivals when we are full to capacity – If you’re there at 1pm and we can see how many pitches we need to find we’ll do our very best to get everyone a space. Payment is cash only, upon entry.

If you’d like earlier entry and/or a larger pitch area feel free to book a car pitch instead – you can still arrive on foot (2 people per pitch max) If you decide to do this it’s essential you let us know – enter ‘walk in’ for car details when checking out, and please email us in reply to your booking confirmation to let us know you’ll be arriving on foot. 

Please note there will be buyers already onsite when walk in’s start to set up at 1pm. Sellers have to be offsite by 5pm so a call for all sellers to start packing is made from 4pm.

Battersea Boot is a well established, incredibly busy, Sunday afternoon boot sale. We open every Sunday, pretty much all year round (we publish any holiday dates well in advance) We provide a unique level of service at Battersea, operating a unique pre-booking system which guarantees a space will be available once booked and completely removes the need to waste hours of your time in a queue hoping to get a space! If you consider your time to be as good as money, then Battersea is the place for you!

All our pitches are time slot allocated and guaranteed to be held should you arrive later than planned. You do not need to queue up for ANY of our vehicle pitches at Battersea, there is no ‘first come, first served’ aspect. All of our time slots are your earliest entry time, you may arrive later if you wish, we will hold a space for you.

Battersea is not the cheapest boot sale to attend, but you get what you pay for! It is incredibly busy, professionally and efficiently organised and you will not be required to waste any of your time (or petrol) waiting in queues to be parked.

When you arrive at your chosen time, you will be parked up and ready to start trading within minutes of arriving onsite. We are known for our huge footfall – ‘Dealers’ turn out in their hundreds every week, with general public buyer numbers going into thousands.

We also offer our sellers the option of a ‘premium’ pitch. Premium pitches cost more since they allow entry to the site to set up in peace at least 30 minutes before any buyers are allowed in. No one is allowed to look around and buy at this time and you will not be ‘hassled’ by anyone whilst you’re trying to set up pitch. Our 11.30am £30 pitch is the most popular pitch we offer and is very often the first to sell out.

Due to such high demand we only accept bookings one week in advance. Bookings currently go ‘live’ at 8am every Monday morning to book for the coming Sunday. We strongly advise all sellers to read our terms before they book a pitch.