Terms & Conditions

You will need to agree to our terms, below, in order to complete a booking and make payment.

Payment is non refundable and non transferable. You are pre-booking a ‘leisure service’ for a specific date and time less than 7 days in advance, therefore consumer rights to cancel/refund are not applicable. In the highly unlikely event that we are forced to cancel then a refund or transfer will of course be offered.

Nothing can be added to the pitch once the vehicle is onsite (further goods, people, vehicles etc.) Everyone/thing needs to be in the vehicle on arrival. Additional people arriving to ‘help’ will be charged the appropriate buyers entry fee if they are not inside the vehicle on arrival. If helpers bring along additional goods to sell they will be charged our walk in sellers fee instead and allowed entry at 1pm. A pitch is for one vehicle – you can fill it with goods or you can fill it with people, it’s up to you, but if you can’t fit all your goods/people into the car we’d suggest you’re probably bringing too many people or bringing too much stuff for one pitch and need to either book more than one pitch, or do more than one boot sale.

A pitch is guaranteed to be held for you until at least 12.30pm. Regardless of your booked arrival time, we will hold a space for you until 12.30pm guaranteed. You do not need to arrive early and/or queue up to get in.

We open rain or shine. We do not cancel the boot sale because of bad weather conditions so the pitch is provided by us even if it is raining. If you choose not to use your pitch we cannot provide you with a replacement or refund.

Sellers may not look around, buy, or sell before 12pm regardless of the booked arrival time slot. Premium pitches are designed to give sellers some set up time before any buyers are onsite. Therefore, sellers are not permitted to browse other pitches. At 12pm our first buyers (who also pay a premium) come onsite. This is when trading starts.

Payment is for your registered vehicle to enter the site this Sunday. Please ensure you have registered the car you intend to bring. A change of vehicle can only be accepted subject to space being available.

Walk in sellers booking a car pitch with the intention of arriving on foot must let us know prior – please add a note to your booking or email us. A maximum of 2 people will be admitted on foot for a car pitch booking, they must arrive together and bring their goods onsite in one trip.

You (and your vehicle, goods and rubbish) must vacate the premises by 5pm. We do not provide rubbish disposal facilities for sellers. If you have unwanted goods at the end of the day we ask that you take them home and put in your own bin or donate to charity. 

Regrettably we are unable to provide replacement pitches for customers delayed or unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. We sell and provide a guaranteed pitch. We cannot be held responsible if you fail to use it for reasons beyond our control. We cannot enter into discussion with customers asking for exceptions to be made.

The boot sale is held on a no smoking site. If you wish to smoke we have no desire to stop you but kindly collect up your cigarette ends and dispose of them at home.

You may sell new or used goods. Below is a list of prohibited items;

No sales of food or drink to be consumed whilst on the premises is allowed. Tinned/dried goods or sweets is fine.

No sales of pornographic material, tobacco, alcohol, medicines or live animals is allowed.

Illegal or counterfeit goods will be confiscated and Trading Standards or the police may be notified.

No sales of fireworks, guns (including replica, de-activated, air etc) , knives or swords (this includes domestic, replica, decorative or collectable) are allowed.

Anyone found selling the above goods will be asked to remove them from sale and leave in our care until they are ready to leave the premises. If appropriate the police may be notified. The above list is not exhaustive and common sense must be applied.

Gazebos may only be erected with permission. Please ask when you arrive onsite, we will do our best to place you somewhere with space for a gazebo. If it is raining, we guarantee we will provide enough space for any seller who wishes to bring a gazebo.

All unwanted goods MUST be taken with you when you leave, this includes boxes and bags. The boot sale is held in school grounds and there are no provisions for rubbish disposal onsite. Please keep in mind that it is a criminal offence to dump rubbish.

The rest is common sense. If you’ve booked a pitch, we hope you have a good day and we apologise for the very fact that we have to have such detailed written terms as these in place. The vast majority of our customers think our terms are fair – we hope you do too. Thank you for taking the time to read them!